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Seamlessly connect across siloed databases

Looking for specific drugs, pathways and post-translational modification sites related to a protein in Uniprot? The answer to this query is spread across several databases such as Reactome, DrugBank etc. DistilBio identifies the right database and connects you to the right data whatever your query is.

Over 30 life science focused data sources

DistilBio currently covers over 30 different databases such as Reactome, DrugBank, Gene Ontology, Uniprot among others. We are constantly adding new data so this number is increasing rapidly.

Trace the source

Source database for a result is always indicated, so you always know where the data comes from.

Evidence: Trust what you see

For every result, we retrieve associated journal articles, cross-references and also suggest other relevant journal articles.

All the details in one place

All the details related to the results such as sequences, structure, function, cross-references are displayed in a compact details page.

Easy data export

Results can be easily exported as a table in easy to use tab-delimited format.


Comprehensive ontology: 53 concepts, 60 million entities

A very large ontology of over 53 concepts such as genes, proteins, pathways, drugs, cell lines and over 60 million individual entries in the concepts.

Comprehensive ontology: 300 relationships

Unlike traditional keyword based search, we know how two search terms are related to each other. Our ontology recognizes over 300 relationships such as encoded by, targets, associated with

Comprehensive list of synonyms

Biological terms often have syntactic and semantic variations. We have mapped them all. CDK-1, CDK1, Cyclin-dependent Kinase 1,
Databases follow different naming conventions. Whatever your search term, we always know what you mean.

Ontology helps you query

Our powerful ontology with its hundreds of concepts and relationships guides you through your query through the autosuggest.


Search for relationships not just keywords

Traditional search does not understand how keywords are related. DistilBio allows you to search for specific relationships between the terms.

Form queries visually

Our visual query builder allows you to ask complex questions with no informatics skill required. Simply select the term or concepts and select the relationship that you are interested in.

Powerful filtering built into your query

Form queries with filters built into it. Filter by organisms, cell lines or even by values <, >, *, *cin, *amide among several others.

Filter across results

Select subsets of the results to see how related results are affected.

Multiple ways of starting your query

Begin your search using a just a term, list of terms or even a protein sequence.

Faceted browsing

Get the big picture view of how your results relate to each other. Gives you the global picture that a table cannot.

Better questions with intuition

Querying different data sources requires normally requires informatics support. The informatics layer takes away the scientist's intuition for the data. DistilBio's visual query builder brings back the intuition by allowing the researcher to navigate the data hands on.

Find connections that are not obvious

Our powerful search technology helps you trace relationships buried deep within the data.

Bookmarklet: Dealing with unstructured text

Biologically relevant terms in a web article are highlighted and imported into DistilBio for you to discover new insights.