Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will govern the use of the portal at referred to as "DistilBio") which is hosted by Cerenode Inc.(hereinafter referred to as "We"), a Private Limited Company. Any person (hereinafter referred to as "You") using the DistilBio Portal shall be governed by this privacy policy. By agreeing to use the portal and accepting the terms and by using the portal, You agree to this policy.

1. Collection of Information

We collect Personal and Non-personal information from you to allow you the usage of our DistilBio Portal. Each time you visit our portal, the non-personal information, such as your Internet Protocol address, the address of the last URL you visited prior to accessing our website, your browser and platform type, your browser language and so on may be collected by us. We may also collect Personal information such as your name, address, company information, area of interest, e-mail address and so on for giving you access to the DistilBio Portal and may display the same information on the portal for purposes of enabling your transaction. We do not store any personal data entered by you during the online payment, such as your account number, card number, PIN, password or any information of like nature (Collectively called “Financial Data”).

2. Use of Information

We may request information from you to allow you to use our DistilBio Portal and to track your usage of our DistilBio Portal in order to improve the facilities provided under our DistilBio Portal in an organized manner. We will use your information to provide you with our personalized services and to benefit you fully from the usage of our DistilBio Portal. We may also use your information to notify you the important changes in our DistilBio Portal and other information updated on the portal. Our website may contain links to other websites, which do not fall under the scope of this privacy policy. We do not hold any responsibility for the privacy policy of such other websites. Your personal information may be displayed on our DistilBio Portal for purposes of enabling you to carry out necessary business transactions.

3. Cookies

We set and access cookies on your computer’s hard drive to track the preferences and trends of your searches in order to provide you with more personalized and improved services. You may reset the cookies to refuse such access by us. However, in such a case, you may not be able to access some parts of our DistilBio Portal.

4. Security and Confidentiality 

We understand and recognize that privacy on Internet is very important. We take all the reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of the information disclosed by you and will not disclose the information on any other website or portal other than DistilBio Portal. We provide creation of password-protected account, which can be accessed only by you. We advise you to not share your password with any other person and always log out before closing the browser window.

5. Third Party Disclosure

We will not disclose any of your information to any third parties unless we are bound by law to do so. We may however disclose it to our trusted service providers or suppliers who help us in providing Service(s) to you.

6. Disclosure of Certain Information

In certain cases where we are bound by the provisions of law to disclose certain information to a law enforcing agency or to a court of law, or in cases where we are directed by a competent law enforcing agency to carry out an investigation into to the activities on your account, we may do so without a notice to you. Such disclosure or investigation will not amount to breach of any privacy obligations on our part.

7. Contact

If you have a query, contact us . New versions of the Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time.